Van Storage – It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

Winter is a funny time of year. When the first snow hits the ground, it seems that people's driving habits turn to... well, you know. It takes a few weeks for everyone to warm up to the new conditions. We're only human, and since this has become a natural progression into what will be the next six months of our lives, we want to let you know that you don't have to keep pulling the "mom-move" - sticking your arm out in anticipation of stopping a flying piece of equipment as it careens toward your windshield. This is the 21st century so we'll let you in on a little secret: more and more businesses around the world are incorporating WeatherGuard® storage equipment into their commercial vans. 

At Truckwell, we love a challenge. Bring us your needs and ideas and we'll give you a solution. We trust WeatherGuard® because they make some of the toughest, most practical storage equipment out there, and their van storage products are bar-none the most sensible! If you need help visualizing your options try the WeatherGuard® custom van configurator, where you can decide what you really need. Here are a few of the products that we think apply to just about any situation:

Model 96122-3-01 Screen Bulkhead, Mid/High-Roof

Bulkheads separate the driver compartment from the cargo area for maximum protection against shifting loads. Designed for Mid and High-Roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, the Model 96122-3-01 mesh bulkhead provides additional driver and cargo protection. Screens and a large area to mount accessories.


  • Heavy gauge steel is used for strength and durability
  • Improved impact resistance protects you from loose object in the cargo area
  • Brite White ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish
  • Easy installation with sidewall and roof mounting brackets and pre-punched mounting holes for WEATHER GUARD® accessories
  • New vertical panel design reduces ambient noise levels
  • Exclusive 9 in x 12 in Dog Hatch™ Door allows easy loading of long materials by utilizing the floor space in front of the bulkhead
  • rovides improved heating and cooling efficiency in the passenger area, reduces noise levels as well
  • Polycarbonate Windows on all bulkheads allow for improved visibility
  • Optional Hinge Kit converts bulkhead to swing door version

Model 328-3 ITEMIZER® Van Drawer Unit, Stacked, 49 in x 12-1/4 in x 23-1/2 in

This lightweight aluminum van storage solution conveniently increases your van storage space by placing small equipment at your fingertips. Model 328-3 is a triple stacked drawer unit measuring 49 in long, 12-1/4 in wide, and 23-1/2 in high. Drawer dividers provide an extensive array of van organizing options.


  • ITEMIZER® Drawer Units are a lightweight van storage solution
  • Lightweight aluminum drawers carry up to 75 lbs
  • Units can be stacked as needed for additional van storage
  • Roller mounted drawers glide open to full extension
  • Adjustable drawer dividers offer greater flexibility
  • Anti-skid strips provide traction for wet and muddy boots
  • Lock mount is provided for installation of optional camlock
  • Each drawer compartment measures 4-1/4 in high, 10-1/2 in wide, 46-1/2 in long
  • Brite White ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability
  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures unparalleled quality

Model 9343-3-02 Heavy Duty Adjustable 3 Shelf Unit, 46 in x 36 in x 16 in

Heavy duty adjustable van shelving units help maximize van storage customization and capacity. Manufactured of heavy gauge steel, easily adjustable shelves are fully hemmed for extra strength and durability. Two tapered end panels with notched bases to maximize floor clearance for drawer units or supplies. Includes a set of cargo tie-down caps to keep long items such as shovels, brooms out of the way and a set of four adjustable dividers for each shelf. Model 9343-3-02 includes 3 shelves and measures 46 in high, 36 in wide and 16 in deep when assembled.


  • Fully hemmed shelves for extra strength and durability
  • End caps for material storage and load tie-down
  • Easy to customize with pre-punched mounting holes for accessories and adjustable dividers
  • Tapered end panel for a closer fit to the van wall
  • Floor clearance for drawer units and supplies
  • Brite White ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish

Red Zone Accessories

The Model 9855-7-01 Medium 6 Bin set measures 7 in high, 8-1/4 in wide and 14-3/4 in deep. The sturdy plastic bin is sized to fit all van shelving.


  • Sturdy plastic bins sized to fit new van shelving
  • Finished in bright red powder coat

The Model 9874-7-01 Can Organizer is made of pre-cut steel and perfect for holding aerosol cans and other small cylindrical items.


  • End panel mount accessory
  • Shelves are adjusted quickly without tools using cam handles
  • Assembly and installation is fast and easy
  • Tapered end panels and notched base maximize floor clearance for drawer units or supplies
  • Create a custom storage solution that securely organizes the items you need to locate quickly and easily

Ladder Racks

Designed to make getting ladders on and off your van almost effortless, EZGLIDE2 is the easiest, lightest, and safest drop-down ladder rack system available for mid- and high-roof vans. The Model 2291-3-01 EZGLIDE2™ drop-down roof rack comes with a single-side drop-down system that can be mounted on either the passenger or the driver side. Convert to a dual drop-down rack with a dual drop-down kit for long or short ladders. Use with the Weather Guard mounting channel kit designed for your van.


  • Get ladders off your van on the job faster and reduce worker fatigue and injuries
  • Fits 20 ft to 40 ft Extension, 10 ft to 12 ft Step and 6 ft to 10 ft Podium ladders. For shorter ladders, order Model 70513 Center Tube
  • Drop-down can mount on Driver or Passenger Side
  • Designed for Ford Transit, RAM Promaster, Nissan NV and Sprinter mid- and high-roof vans
  • Use with Model 2102-0-01 Mounting Channel kit for Ford Transit or Model 2113-0-01 Mounting channel kit for other vans
  • Smooth roller design with dual hydraulic dampers reduces effort to raise and lower ladders
  • Interlocking ladder supports ensure ladders stay in place when stowed
  • The EZGLIDE2™ drop-down roof rack can support up to 40 ft ladders, but your van might not. Check roof load rating and cross-member spacing to safely transport long ladders.
  • Light weight aluminum construction maximizes roof carrying capacity
  • Includes clamps to keep telescopic handle out of the way
  • Brite White ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish