Time to Start Your Own Snow Plowing Business?

Thinking About Starting Your Own Snow Plowing Business?

With snow already on the ground and a familiar chill in the air, it’s starting to look like we may finally have a typical Alaskan winter. If this rings true, South-central Alaska is in for a rude awakening as the state legislature recently cut funding to the Department of Transportation by nearly 11% earlier this year. While this may be an inconvenience when it comes to driving on state- and municipal-owned roadways, it may signal opportunity for independent snow removal contractors throughout the area. If you’ve been considering starting your own snow plowing business, this just might be the time to make the jump.

Taking the proper steps to becoming a business owner should be in the best interest of anyone leaning in that direction. Licensing, finances and proper insurance options should be researched in depth before accepting any customers. With just a little bit of searching, a dreaming entrepreneur can find useful tools to help them make their decisions – like this one on the Alaska Small Business Development Center website.

As far as equipment goes, the new business owner must first decide what type of snow management services should be offered. Will the business have workers on foot with snow shovels and bags of salt in hand, or does plowing and sanding commercial parking lot contracts using pickups or skid-steers sound more profitable?

If carried out responsibly, starting a snow management company can be extremely lucrative as a full-time seasonal job, and can put a little extra spending money in the bank as a part-time job. With snowfall looking more promising this year, it’s an opportunity that should be strongly considered.


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